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Environmentally Friendly Home Dental Care

2018 September 12
by Jackie

We are very excited to be stocking environmentally friendly dental care products for you to use at home.

The toothbrushes (available in adult and child’s sizes) are made from organically grown “panda-friendly” bamboo, and packed in recycled and recyclable packaging.

At the end of its life the bamboo handle will break down naturally, as opposed to the plastic handle from conventional toothbrushes which take years to de-grade.  Bamboo is also naturally anti-microbial.

The floss, made by the same company as the bamboo toothbrushes, is  made from biodegradable silk and coated with natural wax, packaged in renewable plant-based plastic.

So, stop eco-worrying and come along and try out our Woobamboo products! Woo!

WooBamboo Floss front

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