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Comfortable Facilities and Customer Focused Dentistry - Woodcock Lane Dental Care - Stonehouse Gloucestershire

The Practice

Woodcock Lane Dental Care was founded in 1986, by Dr Robert Salvin (who retired in 2011) and quickly gained a reputation for a high standard of work, integrity and dental care, all provided in a friendly but professional manner.

We are located on the corner of Woodcock Lane and Gloucester Road in a large detached house, set in its own garden and car park.

We aim to treat all people equally, at the same time as recognizing everyone has individual needs and a friendly welcome awaits all who attend.

Your Dentist

Whenever possible, you will see the dentist of your choice at the practice. In emergency situations this is not always possible due to holidays, illness or staff training. In these cases we will ensure you are seen by another dentist at the practice.

Preventative Dentistry

Our aim is to preserve your natural teeth (and smile) for the whole of your life, wherever possible. We give advice and training on how to ensure healthy teeth and gums. Most dental disease is preventable and we will ensure that you know how.

Children's Dentistry

Special attention has been given to the needs of children including providing a purpose built playroom and incentives for good dental care. We will advise both parents and children how a sensible diet and correct cleaning can prevent dental decay and keep gums healthy. More information on our children's dentistry services.

Practice Hygiene

We would like to assure you that very high standards of hygiene are maintained. Many items are disposable and are always thrown away after single use, whilst reusable items are sterilised to ensure infection cannot be passed from one person to another.

Your Records

We keep computerised and hand written records which may be accessed by any member of staff. These are confidential and are kept at the practice even if you change your dental practice. We comply with the Data Protection Act.

To read our Freedom of information act publication please click here - FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT PUBLICATION (pdf document, opens in a new window)

More Information About Our Dental Practice

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