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Gloucestershire Dentists, Stonehouse near Stroud

The Dental Team at Woodcock Lane Dental Care, Stonehouse near Stroud

David, Sarah F, Lisa, Nicholas and Tara are five very experienced general dentists working at Woodcock Lane Dental Care. They carefully carry out complete dental and oral examinations and assess your smile before discussing and planning your treatment with you to optimise your smile and oral health. They will listen carefully and will respect your dental concerns. They will be happy to discuss treatment options with you to ensure your satisfaction and help you achieve your perfect smile. As well as actually carrying out the dentistry, they will also monitor and review your oral health.

Our dentists work together with our dental hygienists, team of dental nurses and reception team to provide an excellent standard of patient care at Woodcock Lane Dental Care in Stonehouse, near Stroud, Gloucestershire. Our dental nurses assist the dentists and hygienists at the chairside, caring for the patient, as well as being responsible for maintaining the high standard of cleanliness in the surgeries and assisting in the sterilising unit.

Our reception desk team will provide you with a friendly welcome on your arrival or when you telephone. They will answer your queries, supply you with dental health products, co-ordinate booking appointments and deal with all the non-clinical aspects of your dental care.

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